We build 45Ft-70Ft flat top extendable the same way as we build drop deck extendable, we design and build to suit your requirment, from giant pipe transportation to transportable home and others. Our main beams fully submerged welding to reduce residual stress and protect from long term corrosion. The products come with two demountable king pins ready for road train system, 3 ways container pins.
45Ft-70Ft Flat top Extendable
ExtPhoto of Flat top extendable
    Multiframe 2012 model
  • Closer floor runner with 5mm checker plate
  •  for heavy duty equipment.
  • 5" or 125mm side coaming with closer tie rail
  • 3 way container pins with pins storage around
  • Two position demountable king pin suitable for rain train.
  • L.E.D light to all the corners, with 6mm diameter for rain train configuration.
  • Standard water tank
  • Standard toolbox
  • Front and rear gate
  • Side coaming gate pocket ready.
  • Swingable tyre carrier . 
  • 12 of New 10 steel of 11R70/22.5
  • Coupling plate ready for road train configuration.

  • Extra $500 for each wheel, you will have
    Alcoa fully polished alloyed wheel


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:: 45Ft-71Ft Flat Top extendable.


  • Fork lift rated steel checker plate (flush floor) of
    5mm thick for heavy equipment.
  • 125mm (5") RSJ side coaming with close tie rail post
  • 3 ways container pins of 2-20ft, 1-40ft and 1-20ft laden load at close position.
  • Eight (8) of load binder winch and its tracks


  • All chassis work is sand blasted with three coats of primer before placing the checker plate on top and another three coats of customize color (2Pak paint  type)
  • One (1) 1200x600x450mm size toolbox with chrome handle.
  • One (1) 60litre water tank
  • Swingable tyres carriers under the main chassis.
  • Two (2) speed landing legs with rocket feet.
  • Front and rear gate can also be signed to suit requirement


  • Fully set of ADR L.E.D (Narva, Hella, Ashdown (Australian design rules  L.E.D) light to all corners.


  • All chassis work is sandblasted with three coats of primer before placing the checker plate on top and another three coats of customize color (2Pak paint type)


  • Over-slung spring suspension.
  • Kh, Fuwa-- (Hanze) Breaking system (drum) ADR Approved
  • Twelve (12) 10 steel stud wheels
  • Twelve (12) of new tyres
  • Approx. trailer tare weight 10,000Kg.


  • 140x14mm top and 140x16mm bottom

  • Top and bottom flanges are fully submerged welded, inner and outer to reduce  residual stress welding and to improve corrosion protection as well as to form  single solid beam