Check out Multiframe 2012 heavy duty drop deck extendable, designed and built to carry heavy equipment. Multiframe main beams fully submerged welded to reduce residual stress and protect long term corrosion, which caused by heat effected zone. The products come with two positions demountable king pins ready for road train system, powerpack ramps, 3 ways container pins.
:: 45-70Ft Drop Deck Extendable (Design and build to last)
45Ft to 71Ft drop deck extendable45Ft-70Ft Drop Deck Extendable
  • 2012 Style of stronger goose neck with less deflection suitable for any long pipe work, and transportable hut.
  • Closer floor runner
  • Checker plate 3mm upper deck & 5mm lower deck for heavy equipment.
  • 6" or RSJ150mm side coaming with closer tie rail
  • 3 way container pins with pins storage.
  • Dual demountable king pin suitable for rain train.
  • L.ED light to all the corners, with 6mm diameter for rain train configuration.
  • Standard water tank
  • Standard toolbox
  • Front and rear gate
  • Side coaming gate pocket ready.
  • Under body tyre carrier.
  • 12 of New 10 steel of 275/70R22.5

    Extra $500 for each wheel, you will have
    Alcoa fully polished alloyed wheel
    Fork lift rated steel checker plate (flush floor) of 3mm for upper deck and 5mm for lower deck for heavy duty equipment.
  • 150mm (5") RSJ side coaming with close tie rail post
  • 3 ways container pins of 2-20ft, 1-40ft and 1-20ft laden load at close position.
  • Eight (8) of load binder winch and its tracks

    500Mpa high tensile steel cut through main beam for cross members and twist lock beam.
  • Parallel flange ā€œIā€ beam for all cross members
  • 10mm thick high tensile skid plate suitable for both, short and long wheel base.
  • King pin of 50mm diameter or 90mm diameter D-Rated demountable king pins ready for road train.

  • Main beam fully sand submerged welded, to ensure it free of residual stress, and less corrosion.
    All chassis work fully sand blasted with 3 coats of primmer before placing checker plate on and then primmer on the checker plate and 3 coats of top coats on with last of clear coat.

    Two  (2) 1200x600x450 tool box and 600x600x450 tool box for power pack at rear with chrome handles.
  • One (1) 60 litre plastic water tank
  • Swingable tyre carrier
  • Two (2) speedy landing legs with rocket feet
  •  Front gate and rear gate to suit.
  • 6mm diameter ADR approval coil for electrical

  • Under slung springs suspension with 8 or 9 leaf.
  •  Parallel bearing type of axles with drum system optional of BPW.
  • Twelve (12) of 10 steel stud 285 pcd or spider
  • Twelve (12) of 275/70R new tyre.
  • ATAP, ABC, control system (fully ADR)
  •  pprox. Trailer tare weight 11,000Kg